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Residential Parking Permits Need Reform

In densely populated areas of the city, looking for parking is more often than not an exercise in futility and frustration than productivity. In those areas, where the competition for parking is fierce, the zone permit system is totally and completely inoperable.


Iowa and the Midwest Are Better Than Steve King

“A Representative who displays the Confederate flag on his desk… can represent us no longer,” guest contributors and native Iowans Joe Carroll and Jim Kirkwood write. “The next person to represent Iowa’s fine 4th district must embody the spirit of neighborly charity in which Iowans take pride.”

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The Land of Cities and Small Towns

Chicago is not an “oasis of interest in a Midwestern desert,” contributor Jacob Bruggeman writes, “but an epicenter of regional activity that shares in the rich environments, diverse cultures, and a revival of the heartland on the national stage.”