March Madness 2019: What Is the Greatest Chicago Icon?

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Chicago has a culture uniquely its own. From skyscrapers and deep dish to championships and presidents, this city has seen it all. In the spirit of March Madness, vote in the poll below to determine which figure stands above the rest and can take home the title of Greatest Chicago Icon.

Round One saw over 1,200 votes cast and produced several upsets, including Al Capone over Richard J. Daley and Al’s Beef over Superdawg. There were two extremely tight races as well: the John Hancock Building edged out Lake Shore Drive by less than a one point margin, 50.52 percent to 49.48 percent, and the 2005 White Sox barely lost to the first Bulls championship team, 48.04 percent to 51.96 percent.

Round Two was a little more predictable: Barack Obama beat out Chance the Rapper, Michael Jordan advanced over Al Capone, and Portillo’s proved to be more popular than Al’s Beef. But Wrigley Field scored a small upset, too, ousting the John Hancock Building after it squeaked out a win over Lake Shore Drive in the first round.

The Cubs started strong in the Elite Eight, with the 2016 World Series Championship team and Wrigley Field both advancing. But this round saw both seeds get eliminated, and deep dish pizza and a former president both got benched. Now the Final Four is set: Michael Jordan vs. the 1985 Bears. The Sears Tower vs. Portillo’s.

The Final Four was an epic showdown between representatives of each region: Portillo’s, the 1985 Bears, Michael Jordan, and the Sears Tower. Now the championship round is here. From 32 great Chicago icons, one will take the title of Greatest.

And the winner is: the Sears Tower!

Coming in at 1,450 feet tall, the Sears Tower was opened in 1973 and named after the Sears, Roebuck & Co. for their corporate headquarters. The tower — with its jet-black exterior and bundled tube structure — has defined Chicago’s skyline since it opened. The Sears Tower is instantly recognizable around the country and the world, and well-deserves the title of the Greatest Chicago Icon.

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