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Iowa and the Midwest are Better than Steve King

“A Representative who displays the Confederate flag on his desk—a flag many Iowa boys died to take down forever—can represent us no longer,” guest contributors and native Iowans Joe Carroll and Jim Kirkwood write. “The next person to represent Iowa’s fine 4th district must embody the spirit of neighborly charity in which Iowans take pride.”

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Is the Midwest Beautiful?

Should you ever find yourself motoring down I-80, or any middle American interstate, try not to dismiss what is around you as nothing but endless corn and soy. Pull off onto one of the country roads, find a little stream or stretch of wildflowers, sit at its feet, and see if can’t teach you something.

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The Monthly Memo — May Edition

If you are big into politics, the odds are you've heard of RealClearPolitics. Around election years they come up in the news about their polling aggregation method, which usually turns out to be a more accurate predictor of an election's outcome than any one poll would be individually. But RealClear is also well known for it's homepage, which collections news and opinion from a variety of sources, regardless of partisan bent. 

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